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Best Video Services in Bangkok

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Modern websites are making more and more use of video. From short video clips replacing the traditional slider to full length presentations replacing long copywrite, video is becoming commonplace. But video production is not trivial. People imagine the classic concept from Hollywood - lights, camera, action. But modern video production involves a tremendous amount of post-production utilizing sophisticated software.

Video Services

Top video post-production services in Bangkok.

A picture is worth a thousand words, video a thousand pages.

Video post-production is something few people think about. But if you pay close attention when you watch the plethora of videos on the Internet, you will start to see all of the subtle things that you take for granted – fades, sound effects, animations, etc. These video effects require tools like Adobe Premier and Adobe AfterEffects. These tools are not easy to learn, and may require hours of effort to accomplish even the simplest of video effects.


If you have watched any movie made before the 1990’s, you have seen video post production that is now only a memory. Editors running film through machines frame-by-frame, clipping film, then taping pieces together to create the sequences they desired. Special effects needed to be accomplished in front of the camera. Just watch any of the original Godzilla movies, and you will see how far we have come.

Today, most video is captured using digital cameras and immediately copying onto a computer. There it can go through any number of post-production edits that can produce almost any desired effect. Combined with video that is entirely computer generated, and movies have moved into a new era. The people who create these incredible productions are both creative and technical. They must understand both the film and the very technical concepts required to create all of the wonderful special effects that we now take for granted.

Backtobasics employs top talent in video post-production. Our video experts are so talented that they teach courses for those wanting to learn about video post-production. The talent you need to accomplish your goals.

Maybe you have a video, but it is not presentable in it’s raw form. You need video editing to remove parts, re-order parts, and adjust lighting and sound levels. Maybe your video is well done, but you still need some special effects – zoom-ins, cross-fades, intro and exit sequences. Maybe you need to create an animation to enhance your presentation. Backtobasics has the video expertise to accomplish what you need.

With a strong background in Adobe Premier and Adobe AfterEffects, we can handle most of the video post-production needs that any client requires. We can create simple animated videos to present your message without the need for complex video shoots involving a set, backdrops, props, and actors. We can take a poorly shot video and enhance it to make it more presentable.

Whatever your video post-production, animation, and enhancement needs, Backtobasics is your best choice for all of your video services requirements.



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