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Outsource Web Development to Thailand

American Quality Web Development at an Outsourced Price

Outsource your next project with the top web development firm in Thailand. Know that your project is being managed by someone who speaks your language, understands your business, and has worked for top level firms in the United States.

Outsource With Confidence With Backtobasics

Offering affordable, world class software development.

Outsourcing makes sense for many projects. Maybe your staff is too busy with more important projects. Maybe you are budget constrained. But outsourcing carries risk. Timezones, communications, understanding – all are important considerations. You need to know your project is being handled properly.

Backtobasics is owned and managed by Tim Endres. Tim grew up in the Midwest. He has worked in Silicon Valley for Apple and Kaiser Permanente. He has worked on Wall Street programming real-time trading systems. And he worked at the University of Michigan’s Center for Information Technology Integration when the Internet was first being developed.

Now residing in a city he loves, Bangkok, Thailand, Tim has put together a web design and development firm that leverages the well educated, affordable talent that Thailand has to offer. He has spent the time to personally train each programmer with his vast experience in software development. And he personally manages each and every project that Backtobasics engages, to ensure a standard that you would expect from any firm in the US.

Maybe you have always dreamed of visiting the beautiful country of Thailand, but never a good reason to travel here. Let us welcome you to this wonderful place, and spend some time showing you our operation while we review your project. Then maybe you can visit one of Thailand’s magnificent islands before returning home.

Outsourcing software development can be difficult and problematic. Let Backtobasics, demonstrate that outsourcing your project to Thailand is a wise choice that will save you money and headaches.

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