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Why Is Responsive Design Important In Thailand

Posted on: November 8th, 2014

When our clients come to discuss their projects with us, the topic of responsive design is typically not front-most in their mind. But it should be. Mobile devices are so prevalent in Thailand that one has to wonder how long it will be before this is the primary means of accessing the Internet.

Web design used to be very straightforward. You designed for a standard screen size, say 960 pixels wide, assumed the user was on a desktop computer, then created a design optimized for these assumptions. But that reality is now a distant memory. Steve Jobs buried that reality with the invention of the iPhone, and the Internet has changed forever. If your website is now designed using those old assumptions, it is simply not going to display well on a large percentage of screens.

And Thailand is a modern Internet user base. If you Google “mobile device usage Thailand”, you will see many articles discussing mobile device penetration in Thailand, such as these:

While the top article suggests that mobile Internet access is still relatively small, you should note that the article is dated 2011. Three years is a lifetime in technology. More recent articles suggest the trend, and that trend is clear – mobile Internet access is rising fast and becoming the norm. Stand inside the BTS or the MRT, and you are surrounding by mobile devices. Walk down the sidewalk, and you will bump into people who are lost online and unaware of their immediate surroundings. There is no question that mobile presentation is crucial for websites being designed for the Thai market.

Thus, when you are looking to hire a web design company in Thailand, it is important that you bring up the question of responsive design. You should ask about the company’s experience with mobile design. You should ask to see their portfolio examples related to responsive design. Expertise in this area should be one of your primary considerations if you are creating a website that will be presented to Thai users.